Mask Consciousness

Pirate Panda



Music Masks Makeup

..Exploring the complexity
of human emotions
through the unique lens
of PandaCats

Performance art, poetry, songwriting and other content created around current
global issues, the things we consume thru the media and the other ’stuff’ that affect most humans
“right NOW”
For entertainment
purposes only

The music featured
on this page is
not available on
Spotify or other
streaming platforms.
These are
latest productions
undergoing several
enhancements before
their official release.
David Jackson-Harlin’s
music is copyright.

‘PandaCats CuriOz links’

i feel a word
i write the lyric…
I make a sound
avoid my cynic..
I compose a line.. 8 or 9
I sing the song
correct what’s wrong…
But sing I do
out of tune…
I sing quite loud
not feeling proud…
Tho sing I must
I have to trust…
sing it out
like a musical shout….
Cos ..It caries my life
It caries my pain…
all my winnings
drowned in rain…
but it’s a curiOZ voice
It likes to sing ..
it’s a curiOZ voice
it’s a curiOZ thing…



A curiOz

YOU call me GOD you pray ALOT
you call me by many names
you pray so LOUD
it moves the clouds
for SOME it starts to RAIN
so come a little closer
till I sparkle in your eyes
I’ll open up your sacred HEART
cos YOU’RE life’s GREATEST prize

Coming Soon

Thru the barrel
Of a gun

⭐️ Arriving Soon ⭐️

In the realm of paradox,
where shadows intertwine,
Thru the barrel of a gun,
a quest to define.
Seeking enlightenment
in the echoes of strife,
A journey unfolds,
a dance with life.
In the muzzle's silence,
whispers of insight,
A paradoxical pathway,
both shadow and light.
Thru the barrel of a gun,
a profound reflection,
A paradox blooms,
a spiritual connection.
Yet, let us yearn for wisdom
without the steel,
For enlightenment's truth,
a gentler reveal.
In the garden of knowledge,
let compassion be sown,
Beyond the barrel's echo,
let enlightenment be known.

My eyes are broken
Tear gland frozen
I can’t cry for my life ..
My minds hi-jacked me
With thunder and pain
Like a high speed bullet
Ripping through my brain